Fibromyalgia Poems

You Are Worthy

When you are at your worst Just remember you are wanted You are loved and cared for You are worthy of that love You may not feel worthy of life sometimes Or that life just keeps throwing bad things your way But there are always things to be grateful for And things that you can… Continue reading You Are Worthy

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Putting Your Health First

Putting your own health first over everything else is so important. You may think it feels selfish or rude, but it is essential, especially when living with chronic illness. Chronic illness can make the simplest activities difficult or impossible. You smile and carry on even when you feel like you might break your body/mind. You… Continue reading Putting Your Health First

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We Are The Invisible

We are the invisibleTrapped in our homesBehind closed curtainsWe may seem OK to youBut if you look close enoughYou'll see we are suffering We are the invisibleWe are barely survivingWatching others succeedGetting on with their livesWhile we are hiddenFar away from the outside world We are the invisibleSuffering in silenceWe don't want a fussWe just… Continue reading We Are The Invisible

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The Similarities Between Chronic Illness and Highly Sensitive Personality

You feel so deeply about things and you cannot help it. Stimuli can be overwhelming. You absorb other people's emotions. Time pressures make you anxious. You often need to take yourself away from your busy life, to restore your balance. You overthink often. You have a vivid imagination. Change can be hard to process. You… Continue reading The Similarities Between Chronic Illness and Highly Sensitive Personality

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The Truth about Living with Fibromyalgia

It is more painful than you can imagine Every second of every day Even when I'm smiling Even when I'm having fun My toe suddenly hurts when I walk My knees feel battered and bruised My back falls apart doing the simplest of tasks And my hands ache so badly Flare ups are the worst… Continue reading The Truth about Living with Fibromyalgia

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Distractions for Bad Mental Health Days

Sometimes life can get too much and you need to block it all out. You are overthinking and can't seem to switch it off. The world seems to be closing in on you, and you have nowhere to turn. On these days, all you can try to do is survive. I have had a few… Continue reading Distractions for Bad Mental Health Days

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A Year Taking CBD Oil

I've just hit my first anniversary of taking CBD oil and it has definitely made a difference to me. Of course, it may not work for everyone but this is my experience, in case you are thinking of trying it. I use a 5% CBD Oil from a health shop. It is quite expensive but… Continue reading A Year Taking CBD Oil

Fibromyalgia Poems

Pain is…

Unrelenting, it does not give in Unending, it goes on and on and on Unforgiving, it targets anyone and knocks you down at the worst of times Unaccommodating, it gets in the way all the time Unimaginable and unthinkable, surely it cannot be this bad! Uncompassionate and unsympathetic, it does not care how you feel… Continue reading Pain is…

Fibromyalgia Poems

I Am Not a Hypochondriac

So many doctors wouldn't believe me For years I started to feel the same Perhaps I'm just oversensitive Maybe everyone has pain like this Why do I hurt so easily? Am I a hypochondriac? I never knew the answer to that Even my family started to think it Nobody understood the realities The pain it… Continue reading I Am Not a Hypochondriac


Fibro Friendly Hobbies

I have learnt to adapt my hobbies to suit my pain and fatigue, enabling me to still do things I find enjoyable no matter how I feel. Reading It is easy to forget about reading when I'm busy with work and come home exhausted, but it really does help me escape into a different world.… Continue reading Fibro Friendly Hobbies