Fibromyalgia Poems

Fibromyalgia and Leg Weakness

One of the most disabling symptoms of fibromyalgia is leg weakness

With fibromyalgia muscles can be injured easily

Sometimes you don’t even realise you’ve hurt yourself

You thought you had gotten away with it, not overdone it

But no matter how hard you try to strengthen your body

Your legs are always the easiest to injure

Even bending down a couple of times can cripple you for days

You feel your thigh muscles pull and it’s excruciating

No pain killers seem to touch this kind of pain

All you can do is wait it out and hope it heals quickly

Hobbling around in agony for days

Even sitting yourself on the toilet feels like the pain will kill you

Unfortunately once you’ve pulled a muscle

All you can do to help is rest as much as possible

Trying to carry on only makes things worse

But sometimes life gets in the way and you attempt to ignore it

Trying to appear stronger than you feel

But pulled muscles will always get better, hold on to that

My Recent Experience:

I was bending down for a few minutes picking up pieces from the floor. I stood up and felt my thigh muscles twitching and knew I had overdone it. The next few days I could barely walk. Climbing the stairs was torture, sitting on the toilet was agony and even walking was excruciating at best.

I feel like the weakness in my leg muscles is my worst symptom at the moment as it comes on so suddenly from not even doing very much compared to some things I do.

I always forget how painful it is until it happens again and I seem to be in an endless cycle because of it. I need to learn to say no and let others help.

I have always been one to go above and beyond to help others, it’s so hard for me to ask for help when I know I can do things but I will suffer because I do those things.

Its like being piggy in the middle – you lose most of the time but you keep trying anyway.

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33 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia and Leg Weakness”

  1. I am experiencing a weak right leg at the moment. Walking is becoming really painful. Especially up the stairs. My leg feels like its numb and i feel like im about to lose my balance any time. An considering getting a cane to help with balance. Anti inflammatories dont seem to be helping at all.

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    1. I get it completely! Nothing touches it. I’m in the same boat contemplating whether to get an aid to help when it’s bad. Hope it eases soon.


    2. Hi there Fibro buddies, my name is Lydia and I suffer from Fibro, arthritis in every part that has a joint from my neck to my feet. I also have Rhumetoid in my hands and feet. Did you know that vitamin deficiency can also cause pain to get worse. I,m from Ontario Canada where we don’t have a lot of sun this time of year, and I don’t get out a lot cause of my Fibro. One time I tried using omega 3 and I did find some relief. I am vitamins D and B12 deficient I take B12 shot twice a month and 2000 of vitamins D daily. Also have you guys tried Epsom salt baths or even soaking your feet. I have and they seem to work, along with a foot message. Anyway just mentioning a few things to try. It won’t take away all the pain and discomfort but it will minimize some. Take care.😀

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      1. Thanks for this info. I was thinking it was just me getting old. My legs have gotten so weak threw the year’s. Getting in and out of a car is bad. I have to lift up my legs one at a time with my hands and put them in and out the car. I can’t even step up on anything over maybe 10 inches and I have to hold on to something to use my arm’s to pull myself up.. fibro is a nightmare..


    3. I just a few months ago experienced this extreme leg muscle pain and weakness. It came out of nowhere with thigh and calves locking up savagely. I have had fibromyalgia since 1995 and I never had this kind of leg pain before. I take Flexeril and Meloxicam and they did not touch this crazy pain. It took 6 weeks to disappear. Very scary


    4. It’s such an awful feeling . I can barely walk through my house with out having to sit down and when I do I can’t get back up for awhile. I also have to use an electric scooter when I go to the store because of not my hips to my feet are like bricks and I can’t get in the car. I do have a cane at my house for difficult times but I’m thinking I will have to start taking it with me first to go from my car to the store. Any suggestions on anything better aides or relief.? ( Nothing really helps either)


      1. I have been given exercises to strengthen my muscles but if I try to do them I end up in so much pain I can’t do anything for a couple of days so I’ve given up on them when I am in a lot of pain nothing will help I am so fed up with this fibromyalgia it’s a killer


    5. I participate in senior exercise pool classes. I started at 15 minutes before my legs gave out.Now I manage 2-4 classes a week. While I still use a walker occasionally my legs are much stronger. I do an Epsom idea salt tub soak every night for leg pain. As with all things Fibro sometimes it helps a lot and sometimes not at all. My mom has had a lot of relief using marijuana lotion. Gentle hugs! I hope you find what helps you soon!!


  2. Nothing helped me..Until Now..
    Sativa…Oil has helped me after suffering with fibro since 2005
    Not only my Fibro but my scuatica depression leg swelling athritis and painful veins..I dont use it Faily because the relief lasts for Days…


      1. Hi I’ve had fibromyalgia since 2010 shortly after I was diagnosed with a brain tumour. I have experienced the heavy legs & same with my arms, particularly after picking my granddaughter up. I struggle to sit down on floor, getting in and out of bath and getting out of cars. I tried riding a bike recently but I fell of injuring my leg and shoulders put me off forever. I was trying to put some exercise into my life as my husband and family keep telling me I need.

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      2. It really is horrible isn’t it. I’m so sorry you are going through this. Exercise is so hard when you suffer with chronic pain. I would say start small. The only exercise I can manage that doesn’t make things worse is walking. Perhaps set yourself a low walking target and build up from there?


    1. Indica + CBD vape really helps. Unfortunately I got my marijuana med card after the violent leg cramps, so I had to suffer through that. The combination is great at relaxing my muscles and treating anxiety. Maybe preventing another severe legs attack?


  3. I know this awful feeling all too well. Like you said, sometimes wihen doing a task you don’t even realise till you’re done how much you’re hurting. Compression socks are my go to when my legs are painful.

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  4. I find different symptoms appear and stay for years, sometimes leaving or at least lessening. About 8 – 9 yrs ago I moved to northern Portugal and my suddenly I got this pain that felt like I had crushed both feet up as far as mid calf. Like a line around my leg. I blamed it on walking on tiled floors instead of the ubiquitous carpet of the U.K. My legs had become weak way back in 1993 and I began using a walking stick in the street, but not indoors. I hate that doing something simple can give us so much pain often with little warning.

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    1. It’s so true! Something so little like a change in the floor you walk on can have such an impact on your symptoms! You can’t avoid everything that may make your symptoms worse or give you new symptoms.


  5. I feel ya! I am currently down with a lumbar radiculopathy. trying to get in to see a spine doctor. In excruciating pain. Do you know what they gave me? Naproxen and prednisone. Prednisone makes me moody and aggressive and naproxen makes me nauseous. Best part? All I did was step down into our garage….Fibro really sucks!!!!!

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    1. Yes I feel you too! Naproxen is the worst I can’t have it. Just not worth the side effects. Literally the smallest thing can cause the most painful injury! Hope it eases soon x


      1. My pain med is OxyNeon which seems to help. I take one or two a day. I do have to pay for this not covered in Canada. Because it is a slow release pill works all day. But if I am in a fibro flare not so much.


  6. Hi! I live in Finland, 62 years old …with fibro over 20 years… First the doctor gave me recepy for Triptyl… it did not help. Then I have used painkillers like Panadol, Panacod – no help. And now Tramadol Retard 150 mg twice/day. Only that relieves the pain for 4-5 hours… and I can do something at home or in the garden, but not much. I was in spine surgery in March… the nerv was squised in spine. Well – that did not help the pain in my legs, walking is difficult. I have the sticks which I use outdoors. At home I don’t use them. Because I have now pain also in shoulders and wrests, finger bowns in hands. The worst is rainy days and snowing in winter – I know when weather is changing… the worst is the pain in tows. It feels like walking on neadles. Legs are always cold and I use wollen socks even when it is +23 in summer. And I am always there any medicin which works to fibro??? I am ready to try anything… 🤔
    With best regards to all fibro patients ❣Rita


  7. Hi
    I live in Cape Town South Africa
    This leg pains is just depressing
    I have tried pain killers , Anti inflammatory rub ,but pain just moves from my hip right down my left leg
    I want to try Yoga any input


    1. Yoga is the only form of exercise that I have found to be a help. But – make sure the instructor knows your disability. If not you will overdo it . Fibro is NO JOKE!!!


  8. Hi I’m Rose and have suffered with fibro for about 5yrs. My legs are the worst part of the condition for me. My left leg just stops working and the pain is dreadful. I am learning to slow down in life. I have had to. I have had to sell my car and buy an automatic so that I only need my right leg and we sold our house and got a bungalow as the stairs were getting impossible. I thank God for the strength to keep trying even though it hurts and I firmly believe that a positive attitude helps. Drugs don’t seem to work for me. I feel for everyone out there who suffers and pray for help for all of us.


    1. Rose Kingsley, you should try taking warm bubblebath with Dr Teal Epson Soak (buy at Walmart supercenter) and then massage cbd sports cream 2400mg (buy at GNC store) in body whereever it hurts. Also just started putting on coconut oil (from costco) on my body. Now that it getting colder you may need to do more than morning and at bedtime . I also drink chamomile and sleeptime tea. Be careful to much tea can make you pee alot at night too.


      1. I agree with you. The natural approach is the best way to deal with all of these symptoms. I use Advil Tylenol vitamins and tea.


  9. I can totally relate. I just wish a cure was available. I’ve been dealing with pain since my twenties and I’m 61 now. Sooo tired of it.


  10. I have suffered since 2004 after I fell at work. Got no compensation for it. Besides the pain, the depression is awful. I went on all the meds my doctors prescribed but I’d rather NOT feel like a zombie and then deal with fibro. I am always researching for answers. I went off all those meds, cleared my head up and now I take vitamins to help me. Magnesium really helps with my leg’s lack of energy, but it needs calcium to work. Don’t have a ton of energy but my legs have felt better since taking it. Also, CBD is great for a restful sleep. Lots of stretching and deep breathing seems to help. Hope this helps someone. Be strong.


  11. I’ve had fibromyalgia for 22 years, it never gets any easier. Lately I’ve been having lots of hot sweats.Terrible back ache, heavy legs. Just want too be asleep all the time to get away from the pain. Does anyone else feel like this? Gaynor Leicester England


    1. Hi gaynor..yes i relate to you.i also get to sweating alot..i get fibro fog also.every part of my body depresses me alot.i live with chronic pain every single day.i take gabapentin. Tylenol4 for breakthrough pain and flexeril.i also suffer from arthritis.ive tried shots but they dont work.i also have high blood pressure.its always high cuz of the pain.the quality of my life has gone down and it makes me sad.i am 63 yrs old and i use to be very active and now i cant.people dont seem to understand and i feel ashamed all the time.i pray alot to be healed so i keep on trucking at a slow pace. I go for walks but they cant be long.i do use a cane to help me plus I’ve had a total left hip replacement.i feel worthless now.i hope you dont give up as im trying not too😞


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