Fibromyalgia Poems

See the Truth

To you I may look like any normal healthy person

But if you look long enough you will see the truth

Behind my smile I’m gritting my teeth

I’m trying not to let the pain show

I’m walking slower than usual

Favouring one leg over the other

Staring into the distance

Trying to remember what I forgot

Relying on tablets to keep me going

Even though they barely touch the pain

I have no choice but to try to be normal

If only for my own sanity

You don’t see me on my worst days

I hide at home barely able to get out of bed

My appetite is all over the place

And I try to fight off the tears

If you look close enough you can see all this

Most people just choose to ignore it

Or judge me for it

But the pain is still there if you just look beyond

3 thoughts on “See the Truth”

    1. Thank you so much! I don’t edit them at all, they come straight from the heart to make sure they are as truthful to myself as possible ♥️

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