Fibromyalgia Poems

The Difficulties of Socialising When You Have a Chronic Illness

You long for the old days before you got ill

When you could fit as much as you wanted into your time

Working then making plans afterwards

But it’s just not feasible anymore

Chronic illness steals your social life from under your nose

You don’t notice it too much until you look back

You realise you have achieved nothing socially

In weeks, months, or even years

You get tired and ill so easily nowadays

You just get through your chores or work

Then you collapse at home exhausted from the day

There’s just no way you can go out after that

You make excuses despite wanting to go

Knowing you may not be able to go out

Unless you have a few days of rest before

Which is very unlikely to happen

Some friends give up inviting you all together

They think you just don’t enjoy going out

But in reality you would love to but can’t

Making excuses is easier than facing the truth

There are some events that are worth it though

When I will put everything on hold to prepare myself

To rest and relax hoping I will be well enough to go

Praying my body will let me have fun

You just have to prioritise more now

You need to know your limits

And don’t be afraid to say no

But focus on yourself and try not to let the illness control you

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3 thoughts on “The Difficulties of Socialising When You Have a Chronic Illness”

  1. This is so spot on! It’s a tough balancing act to pace, to deal with the frustration and disappointment, but not to let it stunt your life to such a huge degree that you don’t live it and socialise and get out in the world. Great post!
    Caz x

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