Fibromyalgia Poems

You Are Worthy

When you are at your worst

Just remember you are wanted

You are loved and cared for

You are worthy of that love

You may not feel worthy of life sometimes

Or that life just keeps throwing bad things your way

But there are always things to be grateful for

And things that you can achieve no matter how small

Take it one day at a time

Take a deep breath

Focus on what you need

And survive the day

Better days will come

Not every day will be your worst

Find the joy in small things

And appreciate everything life has to give

Sometimes it isn’t so easy

Life is complicated and messy

Things can get in the way

But you must take care of you first

Reach out if you need help

It is a sign of strength not weakness

Do what works for you

You know your own body and mind

Sometimes the world can seem to much

So many horrible things going on

Unplug yourself if you need to

It is OK to focus on you

So take the time to be selfish

Love and respect yourself

Treat yourself as you would treat your best friend

Don’t forget you are worthy of your own love

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