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Fibromyalgia and Appetite Fluctuations

Fibromyalgia and IBS go hand in hand, but I find my Appetite fluctuates severely too, not just because of IBS.

At times I’m starving no matter how much I eat, or I suddenly feel sick while eating and can’t eat another bite for hours. The IBS only worsens my symptoms, making certain foods suddenly off limits as my stomach doesn’t agree with them.

When my fatigue is at its worst and I’m exhausted with a fuzzy head, unable to concentrate yet unable to sleep, my body decides the only way to gain energy is to eat. But the problem is I then cannot stop eating. Not matter how much I have, my stomach still rumbles and I feel empty. I crave all the bad things I should eat in moderation and yet can’t help but binge. It seems to be the only way my body can cope with the fatigue. I’ve tried drinking water to quench my first and stop me thinking about food but it just doesn’t work. It’s as though my body goes into survival mode, as if I haven’t eaten for months and suddenly need all the food possible to survive.

Some days my IBS plays up and means that I go off my food, getting stomach cramps and feeling bloated. The complete opposite to the above. It can be really worrying and confusing when my body fluctuates between hunger and stomach issues. It can also be embarrassing when around others when I have to run to the toilet 10 times a day or have trapped wind which can be excruciating. All I can do is take tablets to try and ease my stomach and hope they work.

When on my period, these symptoms flare up to the point I am constantly switching between starvation mode and bloating, with no in between.

The worst part is when for no reason, while eating a meal, my body suddenly decides I can’t eat another mouthful. Just the thought of eating makes me feel sick. This I find embarrassing as it happens most when I’m out for a meal and I I about what others will think of me. They might think I’m being rude or am weird. I just hate those moments and the only thing I can do is distract myself from the food and make sure I drink.

It seems with fibromyalgia the body doesn’t understand what it needs so almost creates a fight or flight response when it comes to appetite, trying to compensate with either hunger or nausea, sometimes even both at the same time. I’ve tried changing my diet and have worked out certain foods like fruits that don’t agree with me, and it does help me manage my symptoms a little but the extremes are still severe for me.

6 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia and Appetite Fluctuations”

  1. If you’re having a problem with fruits it may be the sugars. Have you tried eliminating most types of sugars from your diet? I did and it really helped me. Just a thought 🤪 I have fm cfs rh arthritis migraines etc.

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  2. I was diagnosed with fibro years ago. All I got was lyrica and that was it. I have never been able to find anyone who can guide me or tell me what’s truly a chronic illness and what’s “lazyness” or lack of motivation.
    Pain has been a loyal companion to me all my life, one way or another. I have pushed myself through it all my life, but as I age, is becoming increasingly difficult.
    I thank you for this. I have been wondering for years why I feel like that, and the weight gain is also heartbreaking and demoralizing.

    I’d appreciate, if possible, references of where to go ir what to read to understand what the hell is going on with my body. All my lower body, from back to feet are sometimes in excruciating pain for no reason (and I have high pain tolerance, mind you,,I had 3 kids with no anesthesia whatsoever), as well as my neck. Every time I bring this up with my doctor, she says is just the fibro. Help?


  3. I’ve recently found help with omeprazole for hunger pains when you shouldn’t be hungry. I think the hunger is indigestion (surprised me too), and since I take so much ibuprofen, omeprazole should be a standard pill I take. I learned this from my pain clinic. Anyway, it might be worth a try for you.
    Not doubting you, just wanted to share something that has helped me.

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    1. Great thank you for your advice 😊 I’m glad you’ve found something that works for you and it’s interesting that it can be indigestion as I have suffered with that in the past. I will take a look into it.


    1. I am either so hungry that it’s excruciatingly painful, oblivious to hunger, or nauseous over the thought of food. No rhyme or reason. This only started with the other fibromyalgia symptoms. It’s so frustrating!


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