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The Truth about Living with Fibromyalgia

It is more painful than you can imagine

Every second of every day

Even when I’m smiling

Even when I’m having fun

My toe suddenly hurts when I walk

My knees feel battered and bruised

My back falls apart doing the simplest of tasks

And my hands ache so badly

Flare ups are the worst

It affects every part of my body

And every part of my life

Everything is so much harder

And takes so much longer

My brain shuts off leaving me foggy

I struggle to remember words

Or remember anything at all

I can’t concentrate for too long

I get exhausted so quickly

Not just a tiredness

But an exhaustion where I have to stop

There is nothing I can do to conquer it

No pain no gain doesn’t work

When the pain is 24/7

It never takes a break

It is there no matter what I do

The suffering you don’t see

I feel like a burden

Relying on others for help and support

Asking for help is something I’m learning

But I struggle to do it

I can do these things

But they cause more pain

More frustration and fatigue

Sometimes I just need a helping hand

Pain is…

My self-esteem takes a battering

When I’m unable to do something

When I’m forced to rest

To cancel plans and call in sick

Some days are just write offs

They happen all of a sudden

Sometimes I overdo it

It’s so hard to manage when your limits change daily

It’s not just the pain and fatigue

It’s the stomach cramps and IBS

The loneliness and isolation

Being misunderstood

Just because my illness is invisible

Doesn’t mean it’s not there

It is as real as everything else in life

It’s as real as it gets

Yet I often grin and bear it

For life must carry on

I do my best to get where I want

Push myself even when I shouldn’t

Fibromyalgia is a big part of me

But it doesn’t define who I am

I am more than just my illness

It doesn’t define me

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7 thoughts on “The Truth about Living with Fibromyalgia”

  1. I struggle with depression from being in pain and all that entails. Just wondering if you or anyone has found that Tzanidine increased depressive feelings? Am off it now but started Baclofan now at night only. Thanks.

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    1. I’m so sorry you’ve been going through such a tough time. I haven’t had any experience with Tzanidine myself but hope you find something else that works for you. I definitely find prescription meds have more side effects than they are worth with me. I don’t take meds anymore due to this. I find they hinder more than help. I’m now taking CBD oil instead which helps me x


  2. You explained fibro so well in a few words,straight to the points. After so many years of 24/7 pain I realize this is my life and have mostly just given into it with all the other symptoms that come along as well. The part I find the hardest now is that it seems like nobody has a clue how bad it is unless they have it as well. I have given up even trying to explain it,it’s just easier to say I’m fine


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