Fibro Friendly Hobbies

I have learnt to adapt my hobbies to suit my pain and fatigue, enabling me to still do things I find enjoyable no matter how I feel.


It is easy to forget about reading when I’m busy with work and come home exhausted, but it really does help me escape into a different world. I can ignore my own stresses and problems and be someone else for a little while. It is the greatest escapism!


I have a PlayStation 4 and a Nintendo Switch. I have always loved gaming although I am not very good at it! But it doesn’t matter. Again, it is a form of escapism and I particularly like open world games where you can make your own adventures without following a strict structure. It means I can do different things on the games depending on my mood.

My favourite games are Assassins Creed, Two Point Hospital and Animal Crossing.

My current favourite game Animal Crossing!


Writing is amazingly freeing, and it doesn’t matter how you write or what you write about. You can blog, do a diary, write a story or a poem. The possibilities are endless.

It is a way to express yourself and writing things down can take them out of your mind, allowing you to relax.

I write fiction as it helps me fully immerse into another person’s life, but I also write my blog which helps get things off my chest. I enjoy writing poems too and write songs occasionally.

Editing my book

TV and Films

There is nothing like a great series or film. Get your old favourites out or find a new one. I often put an old series on when my fatigue is bad, so that I don’t have to focus on it too much as I already know what it entails. I can dip in and out of it when I want to and don’t feel like I’ll miss anything.

Watching documentaries of things you are interested in that you can’t currently do is also great. I love history and archaeology but can’t go to digs very often as it is quite painful. I watch documentaries on it to help build my skills and learn something new. There is something for everyone.


I find walking so relaxing, breathing in fresh air and being surrounded by nature. It helps clear the cobwebs from my mind and gives me a different perspective when I’m feeling down.

Even a 5 minute walk can improve my mood. It is also great for fitness too. Living with chronic pain I struggle with exercise and find the only exercise I can tolerate is walking.


Music is the greatest therapy in the world. It can lift your mood instantly and helps you express your emotions.

I love singing along to my favourite songs as no matter how I was feeling, I feel so much better afterwards.

I have different playlists depending on my mood so that I can instantly tap into it. You can find a video of me singing On My Own from Les Miserables here:

Let me know what hobbies you enjoy 💜

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