Fibromyalgia Poems

Fibromyalgia: Old Before My Time

Fibromyalgia makes me feel old before my time

Even others comment that I am like a 90 year old

Thanks to the stiffness, the pain and the fatigue

Every time someone mentions it, it only worries me more

Its not a nice thought to know how much I’m already suffering

How will I be when I am older if my body is already old?

I struggle to climb the stairs more than my grandma

I can’t sit on the floor as there is no way I’m getting back up

I have the talent to hurt myself from a sneeze or a cough

My brain functions as though I’m getting senile

Forgetting absolutely everything and getting things mixed up

The lack of energy that makes even the simplest task seem impossible

Its hard to think of the future when I already feel old

How will I cope when I’m more weaker and frailer?

I’m already in agony, how much worse can it get?

I just try to focus on myself a day at a time

On how to get through each day as best as I can

And I continue to hope for a way to feel better

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10 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia: Old Before My Time”

      1. My heart goes out to you to be so young and incapacitated by such an insidious illness. I’m 67 and have deteriorated dramatically in the last year. I can’t imagine living another twenty years like this. God bless you and all that have been dealt with this.


  1. Hi Bethan, I just found your blog for the first time through Pinterest. I am 25 and feel exactly the same way! I look like I’m 18 but bc of Fibro and CFS I feel like I’m ancient. It’s hard to live our young years not feeling young and able. I’ll pray for you. Hopefully before we are really old there will be some treatment for this disease!


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    1. I’m so sorry you’re going through a similar journey to me. It really isn’t easy but we are stronger than our illness. We can and will keep going no matter what life throws at us 💜


  2. Bless your heart!
    I know exactly how you feel but you’re way too young! Many spoons and gentle hugs for you my dear!

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  3. I’m so pleased to be 65, not 25. I believed I was doing quite well alternatively living with and fighting against the fibro, when I managed to do a dramatic dive in my own front room and snapped my right humerus. Nearly a year ago, still painful but not as bad; I’m left fighting the tripled power of gravity pulling me head downwards, and all the fibro symptoms on high beam. Thank heavens for a supportive flatmate, and for this rather sympathetic blog and commenters.


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