About Me

Hi, I’m Bethan!


I’m 26 years old and have fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed in March 2018 although I had been suffering with chronic pain and fatigue for around 10 years beforehand.

I work full time in a job I absolutely love, as an entertainment manager at a theme park in the UK, but it has been a challenge since my diagnosis.

My hobbies include writing books, poems and blogs. I also love archaeology, watching films and TV, reading, researching medieval history and singing.

I live with my parents and I can’t imagine moving out any time soon for many reasons. The first being I need someone to look after me on my bad days and who better than my mum?! Also renting and god forbid mortgages cost a fortune so I’m instead trying to save up but also spend money on things I want to do while I can.

I love going on relaxing, sunny holidays solo or with friends or family. I also absolutely love Disney! I go to Disneyland Paris at least once a year and have way too many Disney clothes!

I started this blog to come to terms with my diagnosis but also to raise awareness and help others with similar conditions know they are not alone. I have found an amazing community of bloggers and the chronically ill that support one another through everything 💜