Fibromyalgia Poems

Why I Have to Prioritise Comfort over Fashion

I’m not able to dress up much anymore

Comfort has to be the priority now

There are so many things that make my pain worse

Only the most comfortable clothes will do

My body is sensitive to any rough material

Anything that isn’t completely soft itches or becomes painful

On a bad day I can only wear the cosiest pyjamas

Not because I want to but because I have to

I would love to wear heels more often

But I’m still recovering from the last time

I wore a pair of comfortable, low heels

My big toe has been hurting the 2 months since

The problem is that every new injury I receive

Never seems to fully heal

I have had so many new injuries looked at recently

But the doctor always insists there is no damage

My body just likes to break itself

And it will keep doing so for the rest of my life

Every so often a new pain comes along

And I always know it’s there to stay

So I do my best to avoid new injuries

By wearing only the comfiest clothes

Only slippers or skechers on my feet

And live in pyjamas where possible

If you see me dressed up more than this

Please know I have made a real effort

I am trying to be normal and healthy for once

And it may not last long

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5 thoughts on “Why I Have to Prioritise Comfort over Fashion”

  1. It really does stink. I’ve had to give up certain styles of shoes and clothing. I can not wear any bottoms that have polyester because my skin starts burning so it can be frustrating to find anything stylish that doesn’t have it. And lately, I’ve spent $100 trying to find sheets that don’t itch and burn my skin. They are all cotton but the texture is irritating. Going to try fabric softener to see if that helps, but we shall see. I say all this to say, I feel your frustration and pain. It’s a constant, daily battle. Take care and thanks for listening.

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