Fibromyalgia Poems

The Truth about Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is constant and never lets up

I cannot remember what it was like before

When I didn’t suffer every minute of every day

Even when I’m having fun I’m never truly free

Sometimes there are signs for others to notice

If you look really carefully you will see the pain

The way I adjust my walk to compensate

That my hair is down as even my scalp hurts

The times I sit down or stand up or stretch or need to move

I cannot stay in one place for too long as my body starts to tense up

But I can’t walk that far either

This isn’t laziness, this is unrelenting pain

You may get acute pain but you will never understand

What it is like to live with chronic pain

I hope you never understand

As if you do, I will know you are suffering too

I would not wish this on my worst enemy

Knowing it will never stop is terrifying

Even in my sleep, if I can drift off in the first place

My mental health takes a battering every day

I am unable to do everything a pain free person can do

Exercise is even more painful than my normal

Yet without exercise my muscles would waste away

And the pain would be unbearable even for me

Me during a flare up. When it is this bad, it shows

I live my life as normally as possible

Despite my pain being high even on my best days

I want to be able to do everything others can do

I want to have something to work towards

Please be patient with me

Pain is all consuming and affects my brain

I get foggy and fuzzy and struggle with words

My memory sucks and the constant pain causes terrible fatigue

I will always do my best

I will always push myself to have some normality

Sometimes I must rest and I hate it

Please understand I did not ask for this

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6 thoughts on “The Truth about Chronic Pain”

  1. My daughter (17) was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia. As her mother, I am devastated. She was going to be a nurse practitioner but, has decided that and fibromyalgia probably don’t go together. I am so worried, scared and sad for her. I worry if she will find someone who loves her and understands to spend her life with. I worry she won’t be able to do things and will just isolate herself and be alone. I worry about her depression level…. depression is in our family. I am just devastated and don’t know what to do. Can you recommend some resourses for me to give her? Should she be so quick to change her life plans??? She sees a rheumatologist at Vanderbilt University Pediatric Rheumatology in Nashville…where is the best research being done? I also needed to vent some, I am sorry for that. But, thank you for any help or advice you can give me…us.

    Becky Floyd


    1. Hi Becky, I can’t help much with where is best as I live in the UK. However I find it is very much trial and error with individuals to find the best treatments. I am 26 and still working full time but depends on the severity. Yes I struggle daily but I love my job and persevere. For me it is better to work and do something I love and live with the consequences, trying to not get too stressed and to balance things. It is doable and I wouldn’t rule it out. A lot of managers are very understanding nowadays and can adapt the workplace around your daughter. She shouldn’t quit her dreams before she has even tried. I would really struggle without a job to go to and to keep me active. We are in pain either way. Have a look around my blog. I have many posts about lots of different subjects as a young adult dealing with fibromyalgia. I hope it is somewhat useful to you and your daughter. I use CBD oil and find that takes the edge off but once again it is all about trying things about and seeing what works for her x


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