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We Are The Invisible

We are the invisible
Trapped in our homes
Behind closed curtains
We may seem OK to you
But if you look close enough
You’ll see we are suffering

We are the invisible
We are barely surviving
Watching others succeed
Getting on with their lives
While we are hidden
Far away from the outside world

We are the invisible
Suffering in silence
We don’t want a fuss
We just want understanding
Our lives are far from perfect
But they are just as important

We are the invisible
The ones you don’t see
We may smile on the outside
We try our best to fit in
To have fun and enjoy
But the pain is always there

We are the invisible
Who want to be visible
We want the same opportunities
We want to move on
We just need a little help
A little kindness and respect

We are the invisible
But we are united
We are kind and caring
We make mistakes
We are not perfect
We are human just like you

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