Fibromyalgia Poems

Still in Pain

Some days are better

Some days are worse

But every day I’m in pain

Even when I’m smiling

Even when I’m laughing

I’m still in pain

Whether I’m out and about

Or stuck in bed

Im always in pain

It never stops

Even on my best days

I am still in pain

At times I can hide it easier

Try to forget about it

I am still in pain

I cancel plans when I have to

Not because I want to

Because I am in pain

I may hide it well sometimes…

There is no cure

There is no end

I am still in pain

Ask me in a day

Ask me in a year

I will still be in pain

I am Versus Arthritis

When I say I’m okay

It may be a good day

But I am still in pain

I am suffering

I am hurting

I am still in pain

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