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My Experience of the Access Card

The access card is a card you can apply for if you are living with a disability. It can be used to prove disability and receive assistance without having to bring loads of documentation. It comes with different symbols depending on your access needs. I use mine for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and find lots of companies now take the card as evidence to be able to receive extra assistance. At a cost of £15 for 3 years I find it really useful. I am in no way affiliated with this product but I just have a great experience of using it so far and would like to help others see its usefulness.

The card looks like this and you will get different symbols depending on your needs:

Personally I was sceptical when I ordered the card, but it arrived within 2 days and they even sent me an online version just in case it didn’t arrive in time for it’s first use.

I was really impressed straight away! My card comes with the queuing symbol, but you can get many other symbols showing things such as needing quick access to toilets, whether you need a companion and if you have issues walking. The Merlin attractions across the UK accept the card and I was able to use their accessible queuing system without issues.

I have also used the card to prove disability to theatres so I can receive discounted access tickets to suit my needs. One time when the queue was long at primark, I even used it to go to the disabled counter instead of waiting in line.

Overall the access card has helped me feel more able to ask for help without having to tell them my issues. It has saved a lot of embarrassment or stubbornness when I used to just grin and bear it standing in queues but now I feel confident and less judged having a card to simply show a staff member.

If you feel you would benefit from using an Access Card you can order it and find out more information here:

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