My First Two Weeks Taking CBD Oil

My fibromyalgia had been getting to me a lot recently. The endless pain and fatigue was getting me down. I had no social life even with my family as I would just stare blankly at the TV all evening, having used all my brain power during the day at work.

I had had CBD Oil in the back of my mind for a few months and then my parents saw it on a TV programme about health and how it can help mental health, fatigue and chronic pain.

I researched a fair bit and didn’t want to pay a lot just in case it was a waste but Holland and Barratt had a sale on so I bought a bottle. I had my doubts especially as on many of the facebook groups I’m a part of, most say shop bought is too weak or doesn’t work.

I started it two weeks ago, first only taking two drops a day and I’m now on 5 a day. The first week I didn’t notice any difference but by the second week I have noticed a positive difference in my mental health. Even my family have noticed a difference in this.

It has also helped my fatigue immensely. I was struggling a lot with fatigue and it was to the point I could barely function at any point of the day. However in the evenings I can now socialise, be actively involved with quiz shows on TV and follow conversations. I know it doesn’t sound llike much, but it has made all the difference.

Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way cured, but I would say my symptoms are 20% better than before taking CBD Oil. I haven’t really noticed a reduction in pain, but mentally I feel a lot better and more positive.

I can take up to 10 drops a day so I’m ging to continue slowly increasing it to see if I get any other positive changes from it.

Disclaimer: There is no treatment that works for everyone. I can only give my own personal experience. Please speak to your GP if you are on any medications as it can interfere with some. I am not on any other medications currently so that is the only reason I am trying it without speaking to a doctor first.

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3 thoughts on “My First Two Weeks Taking CBD Oil”

  1. I’ve not tried CBD oil apart from a very low strength one last year. I’d really like to try a ‘proper’ grade CBD oil, and it’s really interesting to hear first hand accounts so thanks for sharing your experience. Every little helps with managing fibro so a 20% improvement is really positive! Fingers are crossed for you lovely, I hope the benefit of taking it gets better or at least continues the same way!
    Caz xxxx

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    1. Thank you so much Caz! Yeah I’m so happy I’ve found something that makes any kind of difference as usually side effects just counteract the positives. I’m currently on a 5% but may in future go up a bit. I’m just slowly increasing it in case I get any side effects xxx

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  2. Hi Bethan, interesting to hear this info about CBD oil, I have not tried it myself but 20% is 20% and I will try anything that makes an improvement and does no harm. A lot of others must have been interested in this info too as yours was the most visited post at Fibro Friday last week. Hope you keep seeing benefits from the oil.


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