Fibromyalgia Poems

I Dare You To Look Beyond the Smile

When people ask how I am

I usually smile and say “I’m fine”

Oh the lies I tell to hide my pain

I don’t understand why I do it

I just can’t help it

Am I hiding from judgment?

Those who believe my illness is fake?

Am I just trying to be brave?

Lying to myself that everything’s fine?

Yet I try to show subtle hints

When I’m really suffering it’s harder to hide

Instead I can muster “I’m alive”

But that’s as honest as it gets

I dare you to look beyond the smile

Please see the pain in my eyes

Please recognise the lie for what it is

Please support me

If you notice it please ask questions

Be interested but don’t press for answers

If you want to know I will tell

But only if you are prospective enough to notice

Only then will I tell you the truth

Only then will I trust you

I will recognise you as friend not foe

Please look beyond the smile

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3 thoughts on “I Dare You To Look Beyond the Smile”

  1. So few people understand nor care to consider what goes on behind the smile, behind closed doors, in the day to day reality of chronic illness and pain. This hurts my heart to read, and it’s so true. You’ve put it into words well, Bethan  ♥
    Caz xx

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