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The Truth about Living with Fibromyalgia

It is more painful than you can imagine Every second of every day Even when I'm smiling Even when I'm having fun My toe suddenly hurts when I walk My knees feel battered and bruised My back falls apart doing the simplest of tasks And my hands ache so badly Flare ups are the worst… Continue reading The Truth about Living with Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia Poems

I Dare You To Look Beyond the Smile

When people ask how I am I usually smile and say "I'm fine" Oh the lies I tell to hide my pain I don't understand why I do it I just can't help it ... Am I hiding from judgment? Those who believe my illness is fake? Am I just trying to be brave? Lying… Continue reading I Dare You To Look Beyond the Smile

Fibromyalgia Poems

Someone to Listen

This miracle treatment will cure you You just need to exercise more Maybe you're intolerant to everything Just be more healthy and you'll be fine Oh you're just being lazy You're so moany and dramatic It can't be that bad You don't look ill It could be a stranger Or someone you know Someone you… Continue reading Someone to Listen