Fibromyalgia Poems

A Good Day Does Not Mean I’m Pain Free

I wake up and I’m still in pain

My body is stiff and aching

I get up feeling the pain ease a little

I don’t feel too bad today

I manage to shower and wash my hair

I may even be able to dry it today

It’s a very rare day indeed

Today is a good pain day

I do a few tasks I want to do

My arms start to hurt

My back still throbs, my legs ache

But I’m better than usual

On my good days I always overdo it

I think I’m suddenly invinsible

I can take on the world myself

I am miraculously cured

But no I need to remember

I have a chronic illness

It’s never all fun and games

There is a darker side to a good day

I know I might be in bed for days after

Yet still I do too much

I’m sick of saying no to everything

I want to push myself for once

Sometimes the consequences are worth it

I just want to feel slightly human

Just for one day

Is that too much to ask?

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