Fibromyalgia Poems

How Chronic Pain Can Affect Mental Health

Chronic pain is not only hard on the body but also on the mind

It can make you feel worthless as you can no longer achieve all you could before

It can make you feel lonely from having to spend so much time at home and nobody seems to understand your pain

It can make you anxious that anything might make your symptoms flare

You lose self confidence from being unable to do normal activities and hiding away from the world

It makes you mourn the loss of your life before and sad that things will never be the same again

You feel like you are missing out on life, watching others mature and get on with their lives while you are stuck

The fact that even many health professionals lack interest in your health or don’t believe you can make you feel false and lost

The truth is that it can be very difficult to think positively when every single moment of every single day is consumed by pain

You get told to look at the positives but it is easier said than done

Please know you are not alone

If you need any help or support please reach out. There are many charities out there who are waiting for you. The first step is admitting you need help. Everyone needs a little support sometimes, you are being proactive by taking this first step. You are not a failure.

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