Fibromyalgia Poems

Chronic Illness: The Struggles of Trying to Eat Healthier

I find healthy eating hard at the best of times

I love chocolate and generally anything with sugar

I can’t go a day without it

I get told often how changing my diet will help my chronic illness

Maybe lessen my pain, improve my fatigue and my IBS

But it really isn’t that easy

For starters a lot of healthier foods disagree with me now

Every few weeks another food is added to that list

Melon and eggs now upset my stomach among other things

Anything that I’ve eaten for years may suddenly worsen my symptoms where they never did before

My IBS can be flared by almost anything

Sticking to what I know my body can cope with seems to be the only way

Diets don’t really work for me anymore

I only find cutting down on everything I eat helps

A little less chocolate, fewer calories in the day

I’m still learning what my body can and can’t tolerate

It’s a slow process and I have to be so careful about what I eat

Even the slightest change in diet can affect me massively

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