Chronic Illness: Managing Symptoms Naturally

When it comes to pain and illness, I find doctors just give you tablets and send you on your way thinking it will fix everything.

However I have found often the side effects of medications can be worse than just the symptoms they help manage.

The side effects can add extra symptoms I really cant deal with anymore. So where a painkiller reduces my pain a tiny bit, it adds 5 other symptoms to the mix.

I’ve found unless my pain is unbearable, it’s better to manage my symptoms naturally.

I now use heat patches and pads when pain is in a specific area. They help relieve pain far more than painkillers as it targets that one area rather than the whole body.

Epsom salt baths help when my muscles are hurting all over. It relaxes my body and eases stiffness.

Painslayer balm is an all natural rub that eases pain and can also reduce muscle knots. It also smells great! I have a tub for home and a smaller one for on the go.

For fatigue I have found not much helps. All I can do is rest and rest until it is back at a manageable level. I try to pace myself and never plan too much in a day. Sometimes because of its unpredictability I have to cancel plans but I’m learning to live with this now and feel less guilty about taking time for myself.

I have learnt not to lift anything heavy as this always ends in increased pain for days afterwards, often not realising I hurt myself until it is too late. So it’s better to avoid lifting at all when I can help it.

This also leads onto the thing I find the hardest – asking for help when I need it and saying no if I feel like an activity will make me worse. I’m still learning to do this as I love helping others and being proactive without relying on others, but I’m getting better at it.

Of course some days I do have to take medication when certain symptoms play up the most. But I only take it when it will help more than hinder. When I feel the side effects will be worth it for the little bit of relief.

My doctor does refuse to try me on different pills as I am still quite young and they don’t want me to become immune to other medication and run out of alternatives. But I do hate taking medication, especially that it doesn’t help as much as I would like. It doesnt eradicate the symptoms, just tricks my body into thinking its healthier than it is.

I know others do find relief in medications depending on their illness and symptoms but I always think it is better to naturally manage symptoms than with precriplbed medication. As natural products often don’t interfere with medication (always speak to a doctor first to check) you can often use both types to get the maximum benefit.

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1 thought on “Chronic Illness: Managing Symptoms Naturally”

  1. Some great tips here. Thanks. I always try natural protocols first. It doesn’t always work, but at least I’m lessening the copious amounts of drugs I put in my body. When they don’t work, then I resort to meds. Thanks for the post!
    ~ Stacey

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