Fibromyalgia Poems

Making the Most Out of a Doctor Appointment

We all know doctors are always in a rush, so it can be hard to get much out of an appointment

You enter and panic, only saying the main things, then before you know it the appointment is over, no better than before the appointment

I have started to plan my doctor appointments in advance by making notes

Things like questions I want answered, health concerns, and anything else

I used to think this would be a bad idea, that the doctor wouldn’t read it, that it was a waste of time

But even if I dont give them the notes, I reminds me of what I want to say and ask

I used to forget all the things I was going to say but no more will I worry about that

It also allows me to make more notes during the appointment just in case I forget what they said to me

It really is useful and that way I can manage my expectations while also making the most out of a doctor appointment

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