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When The Brain Fog Hits

When the brain fog hits

Leaving your head fuzzy

It makes you feel far away

As if you are not really there

Is this a weird dream?

Or can you really not function?

When the brain fog hits

You struggle to think

Even the simplest thing gets jumbled

A sentence is impossible to form

The wrong words slip out

And you just feel stupid

When the brain fog hits

There isn’t much that helps

You just have to rest and take it easy

Hope that it will go soon

Worried you will never be the same

The fear consumes you

When the brain fog hits

You cannot focus on anything

Even passing the time is hard

You can’t hold a conversation

It’s like you are in a daze

And there is no escape

When the brain fog hits

It is more than just tired

Your body and mind can’t keep up

You feel useless and embarrassed

Like you’ll make a fool of yourself

It’s so hard to get others to understand

When the brain fog hits

Please know you are not alone

We all suffer with it

Try not to hate yourself for it

The brain fog is yet another symptom

You are not stupid and it is not your fault

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