Fibromyalgia Poems

The Battle Against Those Who Don’t Believe in Fibromyalgia

Recently I’ve become all too aware of the fact that some people don’t believe in fibromyalgia

They claim it’s made up and most people have some sort of pain, ‘you are just lazy’

‘You wouldn’t be in pain if you had paracetamol every day’ someone tweeted me yesterday

It struck a chord with me as they just don’t see the realities of it, the true extent of pain and fatigue

The fact that strangers who know nothing about this illness are claiming we are making it up is upsetting

It goes to show there is just not enough awareness out there and many still doubt it’s credibility

Despite the growing evidence that it is all too real and that it’s a debilitating disease, the battle continues

The best we can do is raise more awareness and be as honest as possible with friends and family

They should understand much more than a stranger, and if they don’t, show them the evidence

You trust your doctor to make the diagnosis, so those close to you should believe you

If they don’t they aren’t worth it. It shows you just how little they care about you

We are a community of sufferers and warriors. We believe and understand each other and that is enough

We can fight this discrimination and over time it will get better. We are fighting for our own future

We are fighting for the equality of invisible illnesses

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2 thoughts on “The Battle Against Those Who Don’t Believe in Fibromyalgia”

  1. Eugh, this sort of thing is so frustrating! Ignorance, lack of awareness, lack of compassion… these are the things we try to overcome with raising awareness, and bit by bit there’ll be more understanding. It’s a tough battle because it’s disheartening (and I think prevails not just in society but the medical profession too). My last post was on what to say to someone who tells you fibro isn’t real so this topic gets me riled up at the moment! Great post šŸ™‚
    Caz x

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