Fibromyalgia Poems

The Truth about Good Days

A good day doesn’t mean I’m pain free

Unfortunately there’s no longer a day when I don’t feel pain… or even a moment for that matter

A good day doesn’t mean I’m back to ‘the old me’

I still can’t do everything a healthy person can do

I still have to pace myself in an attempt to avoid feeling worse tomorrow

A good day means I am a little less tired, a little less in pain than my new normal

It means I seem more cheerful, you may see glimpses of my old personality

A good day means just that. It will not last forever

It is one good day

I will try to achieve more, but please don’t be fooled

I am not magically cured, no matter how much hope that good day gave me

Please don’t bring attention to it, it will just make me feel worse

2 thoughts on “The Truth about Good Days”

  1. I relate to this but the person I fight that battle with the most is myself. My mind starts thinking, ‘maybe I should try going back to work’ but the monster always creeps up and slaps me silly sooner rather than later.

    I think I’m having a few more ‘good’ days partly because after awhile you get used to feeling like you’ve been hit by a steamroller, repeatedly.

    Here’s to enjoying the good days! 💕


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