Fibromyalgia Poems

How Videos Can Help Someone Understand Fibromyalgia

There’s a person in my life who is very important to me

But until recently he really didn’t understand fibromyalgia

Joking about how old I act and how much I moan

I needed to find a new way to explain it that would make him understand

Amazingly he had a revelation when I wasn’t even around

He was watching TV when an advert came on

It was from the versus arthritis campaign spreading awareness

Fibromyalgia is very similar to some types of arthritis

Another family member had arthritis for years before they died

I thought he of all people would understand after seeing them suffer for years

But no matter how much I have tried to explain that my pain is similar

He has never really got it and avoided the subject altogether

Watching the reality of it in the Versus Arthritis campaign struck a chord

Now he understands and notices when I’m not so good

He tries to help and is now even keeping other family members updated

It makes me feel so much better knowing that we have an understanding

I let him explain my health to others as he does it better than me now!

He doesn’t pretend to know everything but tells it how it is

It’s so nice knowing I can rely on my friends and family

To watch my back and stick up for me

I believe videos are the best way to express the truth of fibromyalgia

By seeing other people suffering and what they go through

Those who didn’t understand will see that it isn’t just you

That it is real and it is difficult to cope with

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