Fibromyalgia Poems

Making the Most Out of a Doctor Appointment

We all know doctors are always in a rush, so it can be hard to get much out of an appointment You enter and panic, only saying the main things, then before you know it the appointment is over, no better than before the appointment I have started to plan my doctor appointments in advance… Continue reading Making the Most Out of a Doctor Appointment


My Fibro Life

For Fibromyalgia Awareness Day on 12th May, I'm raising awareness by sharing my fibro story up to this point. I have been blogging about my experience with chronic illness and particularly fibromyalgia since July 2018 and ironically this is also my 100th post, so a good time to reflect on my fibro life. Fibromyalgia is… Continue reading My Fibro Life

Fibromyalgia Poems

Fibromyalgia and Clumsiness

With fibromyalgia clumsiness is a part of life Not just due to brain fog but also from balance issues It makes you seem awkward to others And they often don't realise you weren't always like that ... The balance issues mean you walk into things easily Tables, walls, doors, chairs and more Even getting dressed… Continue reading Fibromyalgia and Clumsiness

Fibromyalgia Poems

When Illness Makes You Feel Stupid

Before I became ill I was quite intelligent and independent I could complete tasks by myself easily and on time I would remember everything and took pride in my work I never had to ask someone to repeat anything, I just got on with it ... However now everyday I feel utterly stupid I have… Continue reading When Illness Makes You Feel Stupid

Fibromyalgia Poems

Fibromyalgia: Old Before My Time

Fibromyalgia makes me feel old before my time Even others comment that I am like a 90 year old Thanks to the stiffness, the pain and the fatigue Every time someone mentions it, it only worries me more Its not a nice thought to know how much I'm already suffering How will I be when… Continue reading Fibromyalgia: Old Before My Time

Fibromyalgia Poems

When the Fatigue Hits

Recently the fatigue has really hit me hard I'm always tired as it is, but add in a cold and now a sinus infection and I have nothing left If you know about the spoon theory, I have about 3 spoons every day currently For anyone who doesn't know what this means, it's a concept… Continue reading When the Fatigue Hits