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Distractions for Bad Mental Health Days

Sometimes life can get too much and you need to block it all out. You are overthinking and can't seem to switch it off. The world seems to be closing in on you, and you have nowhere to turn. On these days, all you can try to do is survive. I have had a few… Continue reading Distractions for Bad Mental Health Days

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Chronic Fatigue is More Than Just Feeling Tired

Chronic fatigue is more than just feeling tired There is not a time I'm free from it Every minute of every day I struggle on Though it may not be obvious to everyone I may smile and carry on sometimes Other times I cannot get out of bed When it knocks me down you will… Continue reading Chronic Fatigue is More Than Just Feeling Tired

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The Truth about Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is constant and never lets up I cannot remember what it was like before When I didn't suffer every minute of every day Even when I'm having fun I'm never truly free Sometimes there are signs for others to notice If you look really carefully you will see the pain The way I… Continue reading The Truth about Chronic Pain

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Pain is…

Unrelenting, it does not give in Unending, it goes on and on and on Unforgiving, it targets anyone and knocks you down at the worst of times Unaccommodating, it gets in the way all the time Unimaginable and unthinkable, surely it cannot be this bad! Uncompassionate and unsympathetic, it does not care how you feel… Continue reading Pain is…

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Managing Symptom Flare Ups in Cold Weather

Some flare ups can be down to stress, overexertion etc. But I find a lot of flare ups coincide with weather changes. My whole body reacts fo different weather. When it is humid, I get pressure headaches and my brain is super foggy and fuzzy. When it is stormy, my skin gets prickly. By far… Continue reading Managing Symptom Flare Ups in Cold Weather

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Chronic Illness and Feeling Guilty: The Sad Truth

I know I shouldn't blame myself for my bad health, that I shouldn't feel guilty, but I do. I have always been a people pleaser and a very empathetic person. I love helping others and being there for them. I'm great at jumping in wherever I'm needed and putting others first. But I'm having to… Continue reading Chronic Illness and Feeling Guilty: The Sad Truth


Tai Chi for Fibromyalgia

Like many living with fibromyalgia, I am willing to try most things that have any chance of reducing my symptoms. A while ago, I took a course over a few weeks all about tai chi for those living with fibromyalgia. I have always been a fast moving person, always wanting to help, running around at… Continue reading Tai Chi for Fibromyalgia

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When I’m Not Working I’m Resting

When I'm not working I'm resting On my days off that is all I can do I know I have pushed myself I am too tired, in too much pain To do anything at all except rest I have no choice but to give in And I'm mostly okay with that I accept it as… Continue reading When I’m Not Working I’m Resting

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I Am Not a Hypochondriac

So many doctors wouldn't believe me For years I started to feel the same Perhaps I'm just oversensitive Maybe everyone has pain like this Why do I hurt so easily? Am I a hypochondriac? I never knew the answer to that Even my family started to think it Nobody understood the realities The pain it… Continue reading I Am Not a Hypochondriac

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Chronic Illness: What You Don’t See

You see me smiling and laughing You see me living my life You see me like anybody else But I'm hiding the truth You don't see the days I spend in bed The days I can barely move I am too fatigued, in too much pain Those are the days I hide away You don't… Continue reading Chronic Illness: What You Don’t See