Your Fibro Questions Answered

Your Fibro Questions Answered: Exercising with Fibromyalgia

I am going to be taking part in the Your Fibro Questions Answered to help those who need a little guidance or who are looking for advice. The first question is below: Can you please help explain how I can get started with exercising - I want to but can't get up off the… Continue reading Your Fibro Questions Answered: Exercising with Fibromyalgia

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The Reality of Chronic Illness

Sometimes your body just shuts down You can't be your 'normal' self You just can't get out of bed Even sunlight hurts your eyes Every movement causes pain Your stomach bloats and gurgles Not sure if eating will help or worsen All the already unbearable symptoms The slightest sound hurts your ears You want to… Continue reading The Reality of Chronic Illness

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Being Honest about Chronic Illness

It's hard to be honest about chronic illness You try to ignore your symptoms Unable to accept the truth That you are stuck with this for the rest of your life If you are honest about your illness You think you will feel worse for it And worry more for the future Realising how much… Continue reading Being Honest about Chronic Illness

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Changing Weather

When the weather changes It can affect every part of you From your head to your feet Your body becomes stiffer Your muscles tighten and strain And every symptom worsens   You feel more depressed Because there's so little you can do When it's cold and wet outside You just want to hibernate Stay in… Continue reading Changing Weather

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Sensitivities with Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia has a whole host of symptoms Sensitivities to lots of different things Are among the most difficult to get your head around Loud noises can be unbearable And certain sounds make your skin crawl And exacerbate your other symptoms   You develop sensitivities to foods That you've never had problems with before Making it… Continue reading Sensitivities with Fibromyalgia

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Mental Health Issues and Chronic Illness

Having a chronic illness is hard It not only takes a toll on your body But also on your mental health You can often be housebound Unable to go out and socialise It can leave you very isolated ... When you're in a flare up Your mind starts to wander Will you ever feel better?… Continue reading Mental Health Issues and Chronic Illness

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Planning Ahead with a Chronic illness

When a friend invites you out For most people it's an easy yes You'll be there no matter what And not think about it too much But when you have a chronic illness You have to plan ahead and hope Hope that you be well enough To attend and enjoy yourself You can't always say… Continue reading Planning Ahead with a Chronic illness