Fibromyalgia Poems

Working with a Chronic Illness

Many who live with a chronic illness

Are unable to work

I am still quite young in my life

And absolutely love my job

I’m living in my perfect career

But then chronic illness got in the way

I do my absolute best to hide it

To act like I used to

However it is just not possible

It interferes with everything I do

From forgetting simple tasks

To being unable to do certain jobs

I can no longer work through it

Once I hit the wall I have to stop

I’m not able to achieve as much

As I used to be able to do

But I still try my best at work

I have to stay within my new limits

And go at my own slower pace

To manage my symptoms

I have to do these things

To make sure I can stay in work

To prove I can still do my job

Just slower than I used to

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