Fibromyalgia Poems

Coping with Flare Ups

It is impossible to avoid flare ups

No matter how hard you try

They can sneak up on you

And knock you down for days

Your body and mind need to rest

So you hide away from the world

Sleep as much as you can

And take care of yourself

Your priorities must adapt

To cope with a flare up

You must put yourself first

And not think of others

It’s often best to be alone

So you can focus on yourself

And not let others push you

To take that focus away

Treat yourself while you’re down

Watch TV or play a game

Distract yourself from the pain

And do what you can to help

Take a hot bath or stay in bed

Whatever is most comfortable

Drink plenty of water

And try not to worry

Flare ups can be scary

But they don’t last forever

They are inevitable

So just allow them to be

The more you try to push

The worse the flare up

Until you have no choice

But to rest completely

Sometimes you have to admit defeat

Give yourself a break

Try not to worry too much

You will feel better for it

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