Fibromyalgia Poems

Mental Health Issues and Chronic Illness

Having a chronic illness is hard

It not only takes a toll on your body

But also on your mental health

You can often be housebound

Unable to go out and socialise

It can leave you very isolated

When you’re in a flare up

Your mind starts to wander

Will you ever feel better?

Will you ever feel good again?

Will you be able to do things you used to love?

Or will it only get worse?

Chronic illness and depression

Go hand in hand in many ways

It’s so hard to focus on positives

When there are so many negatives

There is help out there if you’re struggling

All you have to do is ask

So please pick up the phone

Call a helpline and see what they can do

Or even just speak to a friend

About your worries and fears

Perhaps all you need is someone to listen

Don’t hide away from the world

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3 thoughts on “Mental Health Issues and Chronic Illness”

  1. So very true, the hopelessness and worry about the future and depression can go hand in hand with chronic illness, and it’s easy to see why. “Don’t hide away from the world” as you say, because we all deserve more of a life than that. Wonderful post, Bethan xx

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