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Putting Your Health First

Putting your own health first over everything else is so important. You may think it feels selfish or rude, but it is essential, especially when living with chronic illness. Chronic illness can make the simplest activities difficult or impossible. You smile and carry on even when you feel like you might break your body/mind. You… Continue reading Putting Your Health First

Fibro Blogs, Fibromyalgia, Fibromyalgia Poems

We Are The Invisible

We are the invisibleTrapped in our homesBehind closed curtainsWe may seem OK to youBut if you look close enoughYou'll see we are suffering We are the invisibleWe are barely survivingWatching others succeedGetting on with their livesWhile we are hiddenFar away from the outside world We are the invisibleSuffering in silenceWe don't want a fussWe just… Continue reading We Are The Invisible