Fibromyalgia Poems

When I’m Not Working I’m Resting

When I’m not working I’m resting

On my days off that is all I can do

I know I have pushed myself

I am too tired, in too much pain

To do anything at all except rest

I have no choice but to give in

And I’m mostly okay with that

I accept it as much as it is

That work is my achievement

And I am lucky to have a job I love

I hate that I have to rest

I hate that I have to prioritise

But to stay in this job

It is something that I cannot avoid

It works for me for now

I know one day things may have to change

But I am happy in what I do

I get frustrated with the flare ups

But work keeps me going

It gives me a sense of purpose

Tired but happy

If I want to have a life outside work

I take holiday to ensure I can do it

So I can rest before and after

To make sure I’ll be healthy enough

To truly enjoy myself

When I’m not working I’m resting

And that is okay

It is my choice

It is my life

For now that is how it must be

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