Fibromyalgia Poems

I Am Not a Hypochondriac

So many doctors wouldn’t believe me

For years I started to feel the same

Perhaps I’m just oversensitive

Maybe everyone has pain like this

Why do I hurt so easily?

Am I a hypochondriac?

I never knew the answer to that

Even my family started to think it

Nobody understood the realities

The pain it caused to not be believed

People rolling their eyes when I complained

That something wasn’t right

Despite now having a diagnosis

I still get called a hypochondriac

By those who don’t understand

Who think I’m exaggerating

Or moaning about nothing

But I’m not

I wouldn’t use heat packs if I didn’t have to. I am not making this up

I speak to the doctor every time I get a new symptom

Not because I’m a hypochondriac

But because my symptoms mimic other conditions

Is it just my fibro or is it something else?

My symptoms are very real

And the pain can be so intense

I usually try to keep quiet

To hide the suffering

It is just easier than explaining

Than seeing their disbelieving faces

When I say I have yet another appointment

I am not a hypochondriac

My pain may not be visible but it is real

I am not a hypochondriac

My pain is real

I am justified

I will not let others belittle me

I know my own body more than anyone else

I am not a hypochondriac

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