Fibromyalgia Poems

When You Feel Like Giving Up

When you just feel like giving up

Please know that you are enough

Everything you do is an achievement

No matter how big or small

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel…

Try not to judge yourself by others

Make your own rules for your life

Change your priorities to what you need

And take time to care for yourself

Things may seem like they won’t improve

But you have survived every bad day so far

Trust that you are doing your best

To get by for another day

Focus on each day as it comes

Try not to look to the future or past

Adjust tour expectations based on how you feel

And remember you are still breathing

Life can throw you off course sometimes

When you are low remember the good memories

You are never alone no matter what you think

There are others who understand

Please reach out if you need help

A helpline, a friend or relative

Talking things over can make it easier

Take it a step at a time

There are people who care

Even if it doesn’t feel like it

All you can do is try to survive

Until a better day comes (which it will)

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