Fibromyalgia Poems

The Long Road to Diagnosis

It began when I was a child,

I started to have symptoms

I went to my doctor

He looked at me and said:

“It’s just puberty

Nothing to worry about”

A year down the line,

The pain was getting worse

I went back to my doctor

He just looked at me and said:

“It’s just growing pains

They will go away in a few years”

For years I returned

Only to be told the same

Time and time again

I was told it’s all in my head

Or they didn’t believe me at all

Calling me attention seeking

Doctor after doctor

I gave my list of symptoms

I lost count of the tests they ran

Blood tests, MRIs and Xrays too

I hoped something would show up

Just to prove them wrong

Eventually a doctor listened

And when they couldn’t figure me out

They referred me to a specialist

Who diagnosed me within 5 minutes

Though he barely explained a thing

Saying it will go away by itself

Only my own research has helped

Doctors just throw a leaflet at me

I rely on Facebook groups

It’s the only way I find anything

It’s a lifelong condition

That can be managed not cured

I found that out in my first search

Goes to show how little doctors know

I’m pleased I finally have a name for it

But was expecting much more support

Each appointment I dread

Will I see a doctor who will listen?

The battle continues…

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