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Your Fibro Questions Answered: Joint Pain and Fibromyalgia

My latest answer for Your Fibro Questions Answered on Fibro Blogger Directory is about joint pain and fibromyalgia.

The main symptom of fibromyalgia is pain. This could be muscular, joints or bones or a mixture of them.

Different people experience joint pain in different areas. It could be anywhere in the body.

Usually with fibromyalgia, if you don’t have any other conditions, the pain isn’t caused by real injury.

The joints feel like they have been injured, sometimes even broken but they aren’t.

Because of this, I find medication doesn’t help the joints very much. But there are things to help it.

Keeping moving will help your joints feel less stiff. I find the stiffness worse in the morning.

Taking a hot bath or shower can help warm up not only muscles but your joints too.

You could also get the same effect from a hot water bottle, to warm your body up and ease stiffness.

The joints that you use the most tend to hurt the most, so take a break when they don’t feel normal.

This will help you make sure you don’t overdue it and cause yourself real injury.

In fibromyalgia, muscles and tendons are severely affected. These support the joints.

This means that when they cause you pain, your joints are not susceptible to injury.

Unfortunately this will not go away but there a things as above that can help you ease the symptoms.

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