Fibromyalgia Poems

Slow Down!

I have been told so many times

“Slow down and pace yourself”

But it’s an art form in itself

That I can’t seem to perfect

I know that I should pace myself

I know I shouldn’t overdo it

I know I shouldn’t go all out

When I’m having a better day

But those days are rarely here

And very far between

When I’m feeling good for once

I just want to do everything

I want to do all the things

That I usually couldn’t do

Usually I’m just too tired

Or in too much pain

I want to go out and socialise

I want to prove myself at work

I want to go above and beyond

On the day that I feel I can

I know the consequences

I know I will flare for days or weeks

I know I will feel worse for it

But I just can’t help myself

I want to do all I used to do

But I have to learn to slow down

I have to learn not to overdo it

But get the perfect inbetween

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