Fibromyalgia Poems

Hardest Part of The Day

Getting up is the hardest part of the day

That’s what pretty much everyone says

However for someone with chronic pain and fatigue

It honestly is the hardest part of daily life

I wake up not knowing if it’ll be a good day or a bad one

Either way it won’t be pretty

The first struggle is waking up in the first place

It can take hours to get to sleep

And even if I do sleep well

I still wake up feeling like I never even closed my eyes

Like a hangover without the party

The next struggle is getting up

Is a painkiller needed before I’ve even risen?

Slowly and unsurely I arise from my pit

I test the waters… is it safe to stand?

My body is tense and stiff

I feel like I’ve run a marathon

I’ve made it to the bathroom

Do I have the energy to shower?

It will ease the stiffness but it will tire me more

I risk it, doing my best to stay upright

Letting the water rush off me

Feeling every drop of water

Sending my sensitive skin into a frenzy

After a shower I sit for a while

Gather my energy to get dressed

To make breakfast and eat it

To do my house chores

To attempt to have a life

Knowing tomorrow it will be repeated

Slowly the stiffness eases

But the exhaustion claims me back

Morning is the hardest part of the day

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