Fibromyalgia Poems

Chronic Illness and Anxiety

A chronic illness is difficult at the best of times The many symptoms can leave you often house bound And can mean you are not able to be as sociable as you want to be The unpredictability of chronic illness can mean you are unable to make plans Or may have to cancel plans at… Continue reading Chronic Illness and Anxiety


My Disney World Holiday with my ‘Conjoined Twin’ Fibromyalgia

Basically anywhere I go, my frenemy fibromyalgia goes too We are like conjoined twins unable to separate Like a leech it sticks to me, disgusting and unwanted And I cannot escape it no matter what I try I recently went to Disney World Florida for the first time and it was everything I hoped for… Continue reading My Disney World Holiday with my ‘Conjoined Twin’ Fibromyalgia


The Importance of ‘Me’ Time

Sometimes life gets so busy you don't have a chance to take a minute for yourself; to put yourself first and think about your needs and wants. Other people become the priority, and you push yourself too far without realising. Sometimes you just have to say no and take some 'Me' time. Take a step… Continue reading The Importance of ‘Me’ Time