My Disney World Holiday with my ‘Conjoined Twin’ Fibromyalgia

Basically anywhere I go, my frenemy fibromyalgia goes too

We are like conjoined twins unable to separate

Like a leech it sticks to me, disgusting and unwanted

And I cannot escape it no matter what I try

I recently went to Disney World Florida for the first time and it was everything I hoped for and more.

I was really nervous and worried beforehand for many reasons.

1. I had never been on a 9 hour flight before and wasnt sure how I would cope with it, sat squished in those uncomfortable chairs and I am prone to ear issues.

2. I had never travelled to the USA before and didn’t know their policies, laws, customs, tipping. It was such a long way away, and what if I was unwell…

3. It has always been my dream to go to Disney World and I worried my fibromyalgia would get in the way and stop me doing things I wanted to do. What if I ended up needing treatment? Would I end up ruining the trip for myself and my best friend?

Because if all these worries, I planned in excess, overthinking every possibility and trying to plan for every eventuality. In a way it helped calm me but it also set me more on edge, not knowing how it would turn out.

I planned for a room close to the hotel facilities, I booked all meals and as many rides as possible, I bought the comfiest trainers possible to help me feel comfortable… the list could go on.

I even emailed Disney to ask about their Disability Access Service to avoid waiting in queues due to my sensory overload, anxiety, IBS and PTSD. They were very kind and offered me a lot of information to put me at ease before I arrived.

But… I had nothing to worry about once I got there. Everyone was so lovely, every staff member helpful.

I took my time and my friend was understanding. We never did a full day in any park, always returning to the hotel to rest for a few hours to ensure we didn’t overdo it.

Even my friend was tired most days so I didnt feel like a burden.

At times I did think about a wheelchair or scooter but I knew if I didnt keep moving and walking my body would seize up more.

The excitement and adrenaline of being in my happy place kept me going and I sometimes forgot about all my symptoms, or chose to ignore them as this was my time to enjoy.

The hot weather was a great bonus as in England I feel so much pain most of the year and it only relieves when it’s hot (which is very rare in England).

Don’t get me wrong, the pain and other lovely symptoms were still there but they were minimal compared to what it would be if I walked that much at home.

It also helped that as I had planned so much I had nothing to worry about out there, no work to think about or other normal life dilemmas, just me, my best friend and the magic of Disney!

Now I’m home, the below picture is me… (take me back to my happy place)

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3 thoughts on “My Disney World Holiday with my ‘Conjoined Twin’ Fibromyalgia”

  1. Oh wow, this sounds fantastic!! Going away can be so nerve-wracking with chronic illness, and it’s a worry as to whether we’ll enjoy it or whether symptoms will make things too difficult. I think you should be really proud of biting the bullet and going, it sounds like things went better than expected perhaps. “The excitement and adrenaline of being in my happy place kept me going” – this is so brilliant to hear! Really, really pleased for you Bethan. Lots of lovely memories to cherish! 🙂
    Caz xx

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    1. Thanks Caz! Yeah it really did go better than expected. I’m glad I planned for the worst though as it made it even more special when I didn’t need to rest as much as I thought and could fully enjoy it xx

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  2. Glad you had a wonderful time. Disney is a pretty awesome place and they ARE so helpful. They want your visit to be perfect.


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