Fibromyalgia Poems

Fibromyalgia: What is a Flare Up?

A flare up can be described as a worsening of your symptoms

With fibromyalgia it means pain and fatigue to a level much higher than usual

A flare up can often leave you bed ridden or at least house bound

Having to rely on others to look after you

And letting yourself rest until you feel better

The worst thing you can do during a flare up is carry on

I have done this in the past, tried to work through it

It only makes things worse until there is literally nothing left

Then you are at risk of becoming severely ill from the stress you have put on your body and mind

It will take far longer to recover

There are things you can do to reduce or speed up the recovery process

When your body tells you to rest, listen to it

Be good to yourself and don’t feel guilty for putting your health first

The less stress during the flare up, the better the recovery

Remember you have survived this far, things will get better

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