Fibromyalgia Poems

Don’t Judge Yourself for Resting

When people ask what you did today

Or what you did on your day off

It can be really upsetting

When you admit you did nothing

Some days it is too hard to achieve anything

Your body just wants to rest and you have to let it

You focus on feeling better

And are forced to let the day go by

Others achieve so much when they have a free day

But we often have to take those days for rest

To recover and revive our bodies and minds

Just to survive for the next few days

Please don’t feel guilty for not doing anything

You are doing what you need to do

You are achieving by resting

Your body doesn’t give you a choice in the matter

The problem is that if you don’t rest

You will feel worse and worse

Until you cannot carry on

You can’t force your body to cooperate

So listen to your body and your mind

Rest days can be positive

Just focus on the things you enjoy

That won’t take up much energy

Watch a good series or a favourite film

Just relax and enjoy your rest day

You deserve it for getting through the last few days

Don’t worry about what others think

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