Fibromyalgia Poems

Fibromyalgia: When you Hit the Wall

You never know your limits until you test them

Today I reached that limit and hit the wall

There was no chance of carrying on

My body had to rest and that was that


I had never hit the wall until today

I have been close and stopped myself

But this time there was no going back

I had well and truly overdone it


The shakes and hot and cold flashes kicked in first

Then I couldn’t focus my eyes or mind on anything

Then my body ached right to the bones

And then I was physically sick with exhaustion


All of this happened in the space of an hour

That’s what shocked me the most

How quickly it all happened from bad to the worst day

And just like that I will have to rest for days


I’m very lucky my work are so understanding

They gave me reduced duties today

As I was already in lots of pain this morning

And told me to go home whenever I wanted


My manager is giving me tomorrow off without question

Then I’ve got a day off on Monday anyway

I appreciate that not all jobs are so supportive

And I’m lucky to have found such a wonderful team 💜

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