Fibromyalgia Poems

Managing a Busy Schedule while Living with Chronic Illness

Trying to manage a busy schedule while living with chronic illness is almost impossible

It’s like attempting to juggle when you never learnt how, knowing you will fail

You try to avoid a busy lifestyle as much as possible but sometimes you can’t help it

Things crop up and suddenly you have no time to take a break or have time for yourself

You know you will feel so much worse for it but you want to achieve everything you’ve planned

You can already feel the flare up starting, the exhaustion and pain grows every day

But it’s so hard to tell yourself to stop. You can see the end in sight and what damage could it do?

You can get through this, drag yourself to the finish line of this marathon

Then collapse at the end and take a well deserved break, focus on getting better

Some things are worth the pain 💜

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