Fibromyalgia Poems

October Round Up

Over October I posted about a whole range of topics surrounding fibromyalgia and chronic illness. Reflecting on it has made me realise I have been on a real journey in just a month and feel I have become a lot more positive by blogging, allowing me to take a step back, assess my life and illness from the outside and put things into perspective.

I had a tough start to the month where I felt Let Down By My Illness at the worst time when I needed to be at the top of my game.

It made me think a lot about the dreams I used to have and how they have morphed into The Dreams of a Chronic Illness Sufferer. There has been a big shift from my original dreams to what I dream about now.

I wish others would understand chronic illness more, but the inly way they would truly ‘get it’ would be if If We Swapped Bodies.

I refocused myself on trying to think more positively and Keeping a Sense of Achievement despite living with constant pain and fatigue trying to hold me back.

I realise now the necessity of Planning Ahead for anything to attempt to not flare when I have something important coming up.

I have been going to CBT recently and realised there is a big link between chronic illness and Mental Health Issues as illness can lead to isolation and anxiety.

I have started noticing many different Sensitivities that have cropped up. Another lovely symptom of fibromyalgia that can read it’s ugly head at random.

The Changing Weather can really affect fibromyalgia symptoms and have put me in a flare recently, especially as I have been Working in the cold and doing long hours.

I am trying to learn to be more Honest with myself and others about my chronic illness as I find it too easy to smile and pretend I’m fine rather than confront the truth.

I dealt with the worst flare up I have had to date and wrote about how I Cope with Flare Ups.

In the last few days everything really hit home and The Reality of Chronic Illness set in.

Lastly I assessed how to Exercise with Fibromyalgia as ther limit of what our bodies can take exercise wise is a lot less than the average person.

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