Fibromyalgia Poems

To the Person who Called Me Lazy

To the person who called me lazy

You didn’t see my struggle

You didn’t notice the pain in my eyes

Or why I couldn’t use the stairs today

I try my very best to act normal

As though I’m not in pain

As though I’m not too tired to function

Like I’m a normal healthy person

Calling me lazy really gets me down

I feel bad at the best of times

So hearing this makes me sad

Sad for the life I might have had

If I wasn’t chronically ill

I would walk those stairs all day long

I would exercise more

I would achieve as much as I could

But I am limited by my illness

Calling me lazy will only make it worse

It will make me push myself more

And try to seem okay

I don’t like people to know

My daily struggle to seem healthy

But never call a person lazy

Just because they are taking the lift

You never know the struggle they are facing

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