Fibromyalgia Poems

Staying Silent

People tell me to share how I feel

But I know if I do they will not understand

They will think I’m just moaning

That I just need to be positive

They don’t realise the truth

That every day I’m in pain

That every day is a struggle

Nothing I easy

If I open up they will just get bored

They will talk behind my back

Say I’m lazy and overreacting

If only they could walk in my shoes

People tell me they’ll help

But if I let them it’ll never stop

They will think I can’t do things

I’ll lose my sense of purpose

So I carry on silently

Doing as much as I can

Proving I can still do what I need to do

That I can still rely on myself

I’ve learnt to pace myself

Only speaking out when it’s really bad

When I can barely walk and I can’t hide it

But when I can I put on my mask and hide the pain

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